Don't Forget To Pack These Supplements When You Go Sailing

The last thing you want on race day or when out in the water is to feel tired. Sailing can be a demanding and exhausting activity. The best way to stay active, alert, and ready for anything, is to be carrying the right type of supplements. Designed to handle a range of fatigue related issues that might arise when you are on the water, you will not want to forget to pack these supplements when you go sailing.

Why Go With Supplements For Sailing?

If you plan to be out on the water for any length of time, then you will require some source of energy or food to keep your body happy. When it comes to sailing, you will want 0.5 grams of carbs per kilo of bodyweight every hour that you are actively sailing. Most of these carbs should come from whole foods, however it can be extremely convenient to sparingly maintain this intake with a recovery supplement or a post-workout supplement.

This is fantastic for athletes and professional sailors. It is also great for those who plan to spend an afternoon out on the water. Additionally sailing supplements like protein bars and powders are also very useful. These supplements contain high energy, supply protein, are typically non-perishable, and can easily be stored. You can also look for low residue fiber bars. These will be carb rich and make fantastic pre-race snacks. Adding protein in the mix for post recovery will help you build and recover those sore, worn-out muscles.

Crew Fuel Nutrition

A recognizable name in the industry, Crew Fuel Nutrition has provided sailors the world over with the supplements they need to stay alert and active on the water. Crew Fuel comes in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Emphasizing caffeine and protein, Crew Fuel Nutrition has sample packs of flavors and types for you to select from. As with any supplement, finding the right one that is tasty and gives you the energy and protein you need is crucial. A typical packet includes 2 Betta Sleep and Recovery, 2 instant Hi energy meals, and 6 instant Carb meals.

Fo-Ti Root He-Shou-Wu 1000mg

Need energy, nutrition, and focus? The Fo-Ti Root will provide all of these things when you are on the open water. It is one of the most popular herbs from Chinese folk tradition. The root has the incredible power to improve your overall feeling of wellness when on the open water. Designed to help your body when it is stressed out, the Fo-Ti Root can help you stay active and alert in tough situations often faced in stormy or windy weather.