Mast Tuning
Proper Mast tuning is essential to the performance and ease of sailing for any boat, daysailors and racers alike. A properly tuned mast will aid the efficiency of the sails and help balance the helm.

  • This service will include truing the mast, tuning the shrouds, and properly fastening down all fittings. You may also receive other maintenance recommendations during this service.
  • Rig Tune is a mobile service, and the boat owner is not required to be present.
  • Any materials such as cotter rings, cotter pins, and tape are invoiced to the owner unless they are provided prior to the service.
  • Travel time does apply.*
  • Call or email to receive rates and a list of services.

Control Line Planning
This service is designed to help you customize your boats control line systems to be more efficient for both the crew and skipper. If you are looking to re-arrange line systems for single-handing, easier reefing, and general ease of use- this is a very helpful service.

  • This service begins with a consultation session. This is a cost effective way to determine the plan of action.
  • The labor portion of this service is a partnership with Underway LLC for parts and installation. There, the plan will be materialized by Underway and overseen by Sailmakers Art.
  • The owner must be present for the consultation portion of this service.
  • There is a minimum of 1 hour for consultation.
  • Travel time does apply for consultation.*

Sail Evaluations
Regular sail maintenance and evaluations will help guarantee that you get the most out of your sails. Many expensive sail repairs can be avoided if basic maintenance is preformed. Sail evaluations are designed to give you a sense of where your sails are in terms of their condition and longevity. This is a good offseason project. Having you sails evaluated in the off season will ensure that they are ready to sail by the time you launch your boat.

  • Every aspect of the sail will be assessed, and documented for future reference. The customer will take home a hand written report about their sails.
  • During the time spent in the evaluation, basic maintenance will be preformed until the price for the service is reached. This may be fixing a few broken stitches, replacing some webbing, or patching a small hole.
  • Any maintenance requiring significant materials and time will be billed at the shop rate- only after the customer approves the work to be done.
  • The base price for this service is $49/sail above 100sqft. Sails with an area under 100sqft will be evaluated appropriately.

Custom Hand Spliced Dock Lines
Mooring your boat to the dock properly is many times overlooked as an important aspect of owning a yacht. Using the correct materials for your lines, tying spring lines, and using proper cleat hitches can save your boat from unnecessary damage and costs.

  • Ask about getting the right lines for your boat
  • Reinforced leather chaff guards
  • Eye-splices
  • Whipped ends
  • Spring Lines
  • Primary Lines