Sail FAQ

What is the proper terminology for the parts of a sail?
See our Diagram.
What is the proper way to fold sails for short term storage (3 weeks or less)?
Folding your sails along the leech is the best way to store your sails.
What is the proper way to fold sails for long term storage (off season)?
When storing your sails for the offseason you should take the following measures:
  1. Store in a cool and dry area out of direct sunlight
  2. Make sure sails are dry and free of salt
  3. Take time for an annual inspection for chafe and wear
  4. Click here for our Sail Folding Pictorial.
    On mainsails the batten pockets, boltrope and top slide or slug are parts most commonly needing repair. On genoas always inspect the stitching at the leech.
How do I clean my sails?
Important: Sensitivity to ultraviolet light is greatly increased by alkaline or acid materials which may be left in contact with the fibers in the course of cleaning your sails.
Nothing of an alkaline nature should be allowed to remain in Dacron Sailcloth and nothing of acid nature allowed to remain in Nylon Spinnaker Sailcloth.
Salt, Soil: fresh water
  • Soak for several hours or overnight if possible
  • Hose sails in place.
  • General Cleaning: mild soap or detergent (usually alkaline)
  • Soak for several hours or overnight if possible.
  • Rinse thoroughly four or five times in fresh water.
  • Remember - Clean sails last longer and sail faster, soil and salt crystals cause sail cloth to wear.
    How do I remove stains from my sail?
    The following is a list of common dirt/stains and the substances used to remove them from your sails:
    Mildew: Sodium Hypochlorite (common household bleach)
  • Start with 1% solution
  • Mildew has no long term effects on synthetic sailcloth, although if left untreated it will continue to spread.
  • Dilute household bleach with water. 30 parts water to 1 part bleach.
  • RINSE THOROUGLY four or five times with clean, cool water.
  • Oil / Grease / Number Adhesive:
  • Simple Green
  • Mineral Spirits. Follow with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly.
  • Acetone
  • 3-M General Purpose Adhesive Remover #08984 or #08987 aerosol
  • Goof Off
  • Rust: 2% solution Hydrofluoric acid. Do Not use on Nylon Spinnaker Sailcloth
  • Use with EXTREME CAUTION, be sure you know how to use this dangerous chemical.